5 Keys to Successful Talent Acquisition

Copyright © June 2011 – The HR Matrix, llc – All Rights Reserved

by Brenda Gilchrist, CoFounder/Managing Partner, The HR Matrix, llc

1.      Culture: Know your company culture; be able to articulate it in writing. Validate your perceptions by asking team members.

2.      Talent Gap Assessment: assess what you really need; write the job description based on what you need to add to your team to supplement skills that aren’t available now or will be needed to hit future goals.

3.      Cultivate for Fit: Define your ideal fit; list the attributes and core competencies that are must haves and nice to haves to fit in your department and company culture (be real! Don’t sugar coat it)

4.      Compelling: make your opportunity compelling to the candidates. Remember: candidates are interviewing you, just as much as you are interviewing them. Use your PR/Sales/Marketing skills – even if you don’t think they are a fit. Leave all candidates with a good impression of their interview experience. It’s good for business.

5.      Critique: Plan ahead and create behavioral style interview questions that will assess the candidates past experiences as they relate to your culture, core values and talent needs. Asking well crafted behavioral style interview questions are one of the top predictors of assessing fit. Past behaviors will predict their future performance.

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