Important Employment Forms & Regulation Changes – August 2017

Following is information to help you stay informed about changes that may affect your HR & employment practices. August 2017 

Form I-9: Employers must use the updated Form I-9, issued in July and required by 9/18/17. This is the second I-9 update in less than a year so be sure you’re using the most current form. Available in both electronic and paper versions, the forms and instructions may be obtained at the USCIS website:  

Updated DFEH & EDD Notices
The following new hire brochures have been updated. Employers should replace prior versions with these:

CA Domestic Violence Requirements
Employers with 25 or more employees are now required to provide notices to new hires and employees regarding obligations for victims of domestic violence. A model notice is available from the labor commissioner. Certain healthcare and janitorial employers have additional requirements to protect employees from workplace violence and/or harassment.

CA HIPP Notices
Employers are required to provide HIPP notices (Health Insurance Premium Payment) at time of termination. COBRA administrators often include this notice with the COBRA package. Otherwise, include with other termination paperwork. HIPP notice

Ban the Box
The trend to prohibit criminal conviction history inquiries on employment applications is increasing nationwide. Employers should entirely remove these inquiries from applications where prohibited. If your location is still permitted to inquire, add an exclusion clause: “Please do not include misdemeanor convictions for marijuana-related offenses that are more than two years old, infractions, records relating to diversion programs, convictions that have been judicially dismissed, expunged or sealed, or any convictions or actions by a juvenile court.” Health care facilities have fewer restrictions on the juvenile and misdemeanor checks.

Restroom Signage
Businesses with single-user (1-stall) toilet facilities must identify them as “all-gender”.


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